While researching information for our upcoming “Google + Series” on July 24, we discovered some useful information at Forbe’s Magazine that will be of interest to those of you just getting started in Social Media.  Drew Hendricks, a Contributor to Forbe’s magazine, spells out “20 Social Media Tips to Rule in 2014” in a useful summary and here are the first 10 and our 10 top picks:

  1. Choose the right platform, (Facebook is not the only option anymore)
  2. Use analytical tools to see what is working or not in your social media plan
  3. Post at the right time of day for your audience
  4. Build relationships by engaging with your audience
  5. Use Images but make sure they are professional and you are authorized to use them
  6. Make your post special, i.e. run specials, discounts, or contests to promote your page(s)
  7. Only commit to as much social media as you can handle, otherwise you will be overwhelmed
  8. Your business social site is NOT a personal site, stick to business only post
  9. When you can, hire a professional social media manager
  10. Know when to close social media venues – if they are not performing, close them

To read the remaining tips and details of the entire post, visit Forbes.com

Save the dates – The FSBDC is hosting a 2-part Google Plus Workshop on 7/24 and 8/7 at the Lehigh Acres Chamber of Commerce from 9-noon.  To download information on the seminar click on this link  https://www.dropbox.com/s/dcp964pxkea5sx3/GoogleSeries%20JulAug.pdf  and to register go to sbdcseminars.org.