Cloud Computing  Provided by Pixabay License Free.
Cloud Computing
Provided by Pixabay License Free.

Cloud Computing – Unlike the standard physical servers traditionally used, cloud computing is simply put, using a network of remote servers hosted on a internet site to store, manage, and process data.  Some people are weary of utilizing online services to back-up their information due to horrid stories of hacking of company files, however, consider some of these benefits:

-Cost per unit can be much cheaper than that of physical on-site services

-Reduce overall capital costs – online services are less expensive than physical hardware, software, then of course licensing fees

-Better collaboration and team work across organizations with multiple locations – in fact,  you could virtually have all of your staff work from their home office and tap into your cloud for productive work as well as meetings, sharing of documents, the possibilities are endless.

… and for the record ~ a hacker can still attempt to infiltrate your physical server – it is not bullet proof either – so weigh out your options carefully.

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