Government ContractingAlthough outside of our normal format, it was ironic the article was originally geared toward one of our larger medical device manufactures that lead up to a story about our Government Contracts Specialist and one small business who took a chance and looked outside of the box to raise funds for her business. The article is a partial transcript from the News-Press with focus on Dan Telep, our PTAC Specialist.

August and September are the busiest months for federal contracts because the federal fiscal year ends Sept. 30.

Dan Telep, procurement analyst with the Small Development Center, begins his workday at 6:30 a.m., perusing the new bid requests. He then checks them against the businesses clients serviced by the Small Business Development Center to see if any of them might be interested in the contract.

“What I counsel my clients to do is stay focused on their objective, but if they don’t see anything on that list that directly applies to them and their business, look for other opportunities that they might be able to make work for them,” Telep said.

That’s the advice followed by Rebeca Brown, who is launching her Southwest Florida Seafood Import and Export Co. from Cape Coral last month.

Her seafood wholesale operation is not yet fully operational, but Brown is registered as a woman-owned, veteran-owned contractor to the federal government.

So when she saw that Department of Defense was offering for 120 pieces of soft-sided luggage, Brown started working the phones with Samsonite until she secured a wholesale price and was awarded the contract.

Story from Directly from The News-Press with a special thank you to journalist Tim Engstrom and his continued support of the Florida SBDC at FGCU. Thank You Tim!