Brian Hahn, owner Momentum Brew House
Brian Hahn, owner Momentum Brew House

We are always so pleased when one of our clients are highlighted in local articles.  Great insights Brian!

Excerpt supplied by Naples News

Business is brewing: Craft beer brewers tapping into eager Southwest Florida market, Patrick Riley – Posted 11:17 AM, Mar 20, 2015, Naples News – The Banner

The market, however, has not yet caught up with the demand.

“We just released that Coconut Vanilla Stout on Saturday,” said Brian Hahn, the owner of Momentum Brewhouse in Bonita Springs, the newest addition to the local craft brewery scene.

“It sold out in about four hours. Two kegs.”

The former engineer from Chicago used to drink Miller Lite. Then came the revelation when a friend had him try a Founders Breakfast Stout eight years ago.

“I was blown away,” Hahn, 44, said. “I was a bourbon drinker, a scotch drinker. I liked flavorful things, outside of the beer. I just hadn’t been exposed yet.”

Hahn started brewing at home and eventually moved to Bonita Springs in 2011. Then one day the plant he worked at shut down and Hahn decided to put all his beers in a basket and make his hobby his profession.

“This, for me, encompasses everything that I love doing,” Hahn said. “The manufacturing, the production; aside from that there was a point in my life where I was going to go to hotel management school, I enjoy hospitality.”

Hahn transformed the former DeLorean dealership on Bonita Beach Road into a budding brew house that now puts on live music, sees kids and grown-ups alike play board games, stages poetry readings and even invites people to do yoga and enjoy a cold one afterward (Pints and Poses, they call it).

“We had 30, 33 yogis the first night,” Hahn said. “Very first one.”