A Florida SBDC at Florida Gulf Coast University Success Story:  Liliana Defiore, Wellspring Therapy and Spa

Liliana Defiore, a native of Columbia, came to the United States, with the dream of becoming an established physical therapist.  For years, she was employed as a physical therapist with other doctor’s offices.  She decided nine-years ago, after what she called the “decline of healthcare” over the years, she wanted to open her own private physical therapy office.  Liliana’s primary focus is on quality customer care without time constraints and other limitations to treatment. 

The latest addition to her physical therapy practice is the Wellspring Therapy and Spa. The spa offers a full array of therapeutic services, including, but not limited to exfoliation treatments, facials, massages, and natural healing plans.  Liliana is serious when it comes to internal and external care.  With the opening of Wellspring Therapy and Spa, Liliana is happy she can now offer all of the services and products she knows will help her clients feel rejuvenated and well, inside and out.

Liliana came to the Florida SBDC in 2009 when her physical therapy business was in trouble financially and she was considering shutting the business down.  Liliana’s questions centered on why her business was not making money and why were her sales declining?  Liliana began working with FSBDC’s Julio Estremera, a Certified Business Consultant.  Julio took the time to sit with Liliana on multiple occasions to help her recalibrate and lower the high payments she was making to independent contractors and staff, but he also helped her navigate the ups and downs encountered when opening her second business venture, Wellspring Therapy and Spa.

With the financial education assistance and planning expertise of the Florida SBDC, Liliana’s physical therapy office is thriving and she has successfully opened her new wellness spa.  The Florida SBDC wishes Liliana much success in her businesses for years to come.