It’s not often I write, but when I do, I have a point to make and I keep it short and simple.

As 2015 comes to a close, you should be making your business ready for the New Year.   Of course, I highly recommend professional development planning for you and other training for staff.  However, here some of the little (little-big) things you can do that could make a BIG difference.

Planning 2016 1

  1. If you have not converted to a digital filing system, consider moving your doc’s to the cloud to conserve on both space and the time it takes to dig through traditional files
  2. Look at computer upgrades – tis the season to pick up on some great year-end sales, not to mention the tax deduction
  3. Write out five or more business goals for 2016 and your plan to commit to and achieve them
  4. Take a look and your financials; are you doing better, the same, or worse compared to prior years and what’s your plan to improve them? If you don’t have your financials yet, we (I) definitely recommend you make an appointment now with us and your CPA – tax season will sneak up on you, but you also need to find out what your tax liability is for 2015
  5. Clean up the office space and organize. An organized and clean work space will do wonders for any business. Make it a goal to have your office in order before closing down for the New Year’s Holiday. This way, you literally can start 2016 off with a clean slate.

May your New Year be Profitable, Productive, and best of all a fun and fantastic journey.

Amanda Stirn-01Amanda Stirn, Marketing Director

Florida SBDC at FGCU