How to Identify and Take Initial Action Steps Solving a Brand Identity Crisis

Amanda Stirn-01Article provided by Amanda Stirn, Certified Marketing Strategist, FSBDC@FGCU Marketing Director

In today’s marketplace, products and services change at what we would call “record-breaking” time in contrast to twenty even five-years ago.  Thanks to digital marketing, businesses are challenged to be relevant and current at all times. However, with fast-paced technology and research, they can realize the benefits of reaching demographics unavailable before the digital age.  To harness this opportunity, companies should update and monitor their marketing strategy on a schedule to stay ahead competition.

Exercises in rebranding should include key staff, management, and a marketing professional.  Below are some questions to identify weak brand areas and retool your marketing positioning statement.

  • Can you say what your brand is with pride in that you have one-up on competitors?
  • Do you have a consistent message with your brand, from tagline, all the way down to consistent colors and fonts on all products and promotional materials?
  • Do you know how to connect to your customers or who they are?
  • When you see your competitor’s website or advertisements, do you find yourself embarrassed by your own?
  • Are your sales slumping year after year?
  • When is the last time you REALLY looked at your brand?

One easy step in a rebranding exercise to strengthen your brand is creating a strong market positioning statement to serve as a guide post as part of an overall marketing strategy overhaul.

-Define your target market, your product or service, and describe your point of difference between competitors

-What is your key product or service and in one sentence, why the customer should be using it?

-What is your company’s product consumer promise?

In answering and defining the above, you should have enough material to create a strong statement reflecting who the company is, what it creates, why it’s the best, and the delivered promise to the customer.

Want to really look at your marketing strategy and explore rebranding?  Contact Amanda Stirn,  at the FSBDC to start your re-branding today!