Marbles is a global product development firm, developing both new technologies and redesigning existing products so they are easier and more comfortable to use for the human hand. They specialize in technical research, applied ergonomics and human factors, and market-focused design. “Look at the next object you pick up and look and see if it actually works well with the form of the human hand, most of them don’t,” says CEO and Chief Technology Development Officer Will Scott.  He is extremely passionate in trying to make the workplace an easier place to work and helping to prevent office space injuries.

One of the products founded by Marbles is the redesigned box known as Boxa. Boxa was redesigned with new handles that work better when they are being picked up and easier to carry around.  Will drew and tested the initial prototype and went through 15,000 prototypes before he had something he was happy with.  Other products produced by Marbles is the Alien, a lock for the Boxa Lid, and Blue Chip Royal, which Will says may be their most advance modification of existing technology in the form of the standard zip, cable tie.  However, while most of their products have to do with boxes they are NOT a box company. These are just a few examples of what Marbles is able to do and achieve.

Will and his staff strive for excellence with everything they do, but even the most efficient companies need help. Will contacted the Small Business Development Center for assistance and was assigned to consultant, Rudi Vrugtman.  “The main thing I remember about this man (Rudi), was one phrase, and that is ‘How may I be of service?’ and he (Rudi) actually means it.”  Will gave high praises to Rudi for his ability to always have an upbeat happy attitude get the things done that Will needed done in a timely fashion.

Something specific to Will’s needs was the desire to make contacts and connections with other companies to sell their products and services.  Rudi was able to help him get into contact with companies such as Ace Hardware.  Rudi remains as dependable as always as Marbles continues to grow and prosper.  Will highly recommends the SBDC to anyone who is looking to become an Entrepreneur. “The SBDC is really unique,” says Will and he also remarks that he has never really worked with a group quite like the SBDC before.