Success Story:  Whiz Kids, Naples Florida

Three years ago, Patricia Lenz began to fulfill a lifelong dream.  For the longest time she always dreamed of owning and running a daycare center and caring for children.  She began to work towards this goal when she graduated from FGCU in 2009 with a degree in Child Education.  She then began to work in Elementary Education, gaining experience and learning how to handle and work with small children.  After a while Patricia was ready to move on to the next steps.

She set off, with a notebook literally full of ideas ready to strike out on her own and start her own daycare.  There was only one problem, she really had no idea how to start out or the legal process of even creating a business.  Realizing how far she had to go she realized that she was going to need some help.  She did some research and came across the SBDC.  She called and started talking to Julio Estremera and made an appointment with him.  After talking to Julio, he recommended she began to work out a business plan for her business.

After some more research Patricia noticed a real need for a place for young children to go and play in Naples.  Using her background, her education, and her newly found information from Julio and the SBDC she set to work and began to build her center, Whiz Kidds.  This indoor playground serves a series of purposes on its own, such as private events and birthday parties, but Patricia has also made sure certain features are included to help her stand out from her competition and fulfill her own goals for the center.  They feature tutoring services for younger children to help get them prepared for school by teaching them physical and social skills.  They use a “play after work” system to not only teach but entertain the children in their care.  They are looking to add more features for older children in the future.