The Florida Small Business Development Center (FSBDC) at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) was honored to be present during Governor Rick Scott’s visit at Storm Smart Industries in Fort Myers.  FSBDC’s very own Kevin Brady, Consultant and International Trade Specialist, had many camera shots and was excited to meet the Governor and talk business and taxes with him.  Check out this video provided by WINK2 News

Brady was front and center when governor Rick Scott addressed tax cuts for small businesses, which is exactly what the FSBDC is excited about to increase small business growth by ways of reducing costs, increasing workforce, and overall sales.    Brady recapped the session for us below.

Governor Scott touts tax cuts – Governor Scott visited Ft. Myers on January 27th to discuss new tax cuts for businesses. The announcement was held at Smart Companies/Storm Smart, a SBDC client and growing manufacturer based in Lee County. The governor was adamant about the reduction and eventual elimination of some business taxes, including the tax on commercial leases. Florida is currently the only state to levy this tax, which currently sits at 6%. A one-percent reduction would save Florida companies nearly $340 million and provide incentive to add personnel or purchase capital equipment. – K. Brady