Business Continuation

Statistics show that 40% of businesses forced to close because of a disaster never reopen.

Don’t let your business become a statistic.

When disaster strikes, Florida businesses can find the education, training, and assistance needed to survive through the Florida SBDC Network’s (FSBDCN) Business Continuation Services.

Prepare, recover, and become more resilient when faced by man-made or natural disasters through our:

  • Disaster assistance app
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Recovery plan assistance
  • Disaster loan application and other on-site recovery assistance
  • Cybersecurity training, including consulting to help you prepare a cybersecurity plan

How Business Continuation Works:


Request Business Consulting

You must have at least a draft business plan or an executive summary to start working toward funding your business. If you need help creating a business plan, consider our 20 Minute Business Plan course. Once you have your business plan or executive summary, you will be ready to request business advising.


Business Assessment

You will be assigned a Business Continuation expert. In the initial meeting with your consultant, you will assess the overall health of your organization and your company’s strength.


Risk Assessment

Based on the initial assessment, your consultant will identify your risks and will help you evaluate the extent of your vulnerability to disruptions.


Business Resiliency Planning

We will help prepare a plan that will enable your business to withstand and recover from any type of disruption, to help you minimize losses and increase survivability when affected by natural and man-made disasters. We can prepare the following: Business Continuity, Emergency Preparedness, and Disaster Recovery Plan at no cost.

Request a No-Cost Consultation Today!

We provide the tools, strategies, and expertise to help Florida’s business community thrive. Schedule a no-cost, confidential, one-on-one session today!

Marc Farron - FSBDC at FGCU Small Business Consultant

“I help clients increase revenues, reduce costs and become more secure by leveraging technology.”

Marc Farron

Business Continuation Expert

Business Continuation Resources

Disaster Recovery Resources

The FSBDC at FGCU helps businesses rebound after a disaster with five things to make sure you do after a disaster.

Disaster Preparedness Resources

The FSBDC at FGCU helps businesses prepare before disaster strikes. Visit the link below to read our Disaster Preparedness Tips and Resources.


The MACS are 38’ RVs outfitted as mobile FSBDCN centers. As a principal responder in the state’s Emergency Support Function (ESF) 18 for Business & Industry, the MACs are deployed during a disaster to provide an on-the-scene workspace for our consultants to assist impacted businesses. When not in use during a time of emergency, the MACs provide FSBDC services to businesses in rural areas of Florida.

Outreach Training

FSBDC’s around the state offer workshops to help businesses prepare and recover from disasters. These include “Hurricane Preparedness for Businesses”, “Disaster Plan in 90 Minutes—How Bulletproof is Your Business?” and “Is Your Business Disaster-Proof?”

Communication Capabilities with FDEM

The FSBDCN has established formal communication capabilities with the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) to provide assistance during pre-and-post disaster periods.

Quick Response Vendors and Contractors

Businesses that provide products or services most needed in response to a disaster can find continuity and contracting educational training through the Florida Business Ready! Contracting program. Vendors within the existing statewide network are also eligible.

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