Seeking capital to grow your business or finance a new business venture and unsure about the most effective path?

Contrary to popular belief, there are no grants to fund your business…but there are plenty ways to get you funded, we’ll help you put together a successful game plan to secure capital.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional bank loan, government-backed loan, or a loan provided by an alternative lender, our specialists have the tools, expertise, and resources to help you obtain the financing needed to succeed.

Our specialists can help you locate, prepare, and obtain financing by:

  • Identifying appropriate sources
  • Helping develop or refine a quality business plan
  • Conducting a financial analysis
  • Creating a professional loan package

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How Capital Access Works


Request Business Consulting

You must have at least a draft business plan or an executive summary to start working toward funding your business. If you need help creating a business plan, consider our 20 Minute Business Plan course. Once you have your business plan or executive summary, you will be ready to request business advising.


Business Assessment

You will be assigned a Capital Access expert. In the initial meeting with your consultant, you will discuss your funding goals and your company’s strength.


Finance Strategy

Based on the initial assessment, your consultant will identify sources of capital that may be a good fit, and will work with you to assess your options.


Loan Packaging

The most intensive part of accessing capital is preparing your loan package or pitch. This process includes compiling financial data and creating a strong case for why your business will succeed. Your business consultant will work with you every step of the way to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.


Funder Relations

Your consultant can help make warm introductions to funders, and help prepare you for your meetings with potential funders to ensure you make the best first impression. Please note: While we have a strong track record, it does not guarantee their clients will receive funding.


Post Loan

After you received funding, you don’t need to stop working with your consultant. Your business consultant can continue counseling you through new business challenges and opportunities.

learn DIFFERENT SOURCES OF CAPITAL and how sbdc cat team can help you.

Explore the capital landscape to better understand different types of funding that might be available. We encourage you to talk to an expert who can guide you through developing a funding strategy of your own.

SBDC Capital Landscape

“I assist your business with access to capital issues from a strategic growth point of view. I can apply my expertise, to help gauge what type of financing—from commercial lending to SBA loans to alternative sources—is the optimal option for your business success.”

Suzanne Specht

Capital Access Expert

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