Crowning Daughters for Success Success Story

Tasheekia Perry is the founder of Crowning Daughters for Success Enrichment Program an enrichment program that creates confidence without compromise where she creates and customizes development workshops for the youth in various organizations throughout Southwest Florida. She is also an author of the book called “Dressing My Inner Beauty Journal” and facilitator where she loves to empower young girls. 

She came to the Florida SBDC at Florida Gulf Coast University looking for assistance with National Marketing. She worked with Andrea Robinson – SBDC FGCU Marketing Consultant to take her programs marketing to the next level. She knew that she wanted to have collaborations outside of Southwest Florida. 

Before working with Andrea, Tasheekia felt like she was all over the place and didn’t know hot to execute the ideas. Andrea helped her become more organized and helped her implement some strategies that would definitely take the book and her program to that next level. She was able to increase her book sales and increase her speaking engagements throughout Florida as well as the United States. 

“My experience with the Florida SBDC has been amazing.  When you are a business owner you’re just going for that punch, you’re going for that sell, you’re going for that client, and you’re just trying to do what you know you do best. Following the goals and the check marks that she gave me every time we met really put me in a position to win on many levels. For the most part I’m a better business owner because of the SBDC” said Tasheekia Perry.

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