Five Ways to Zoom Securely

  1. Refrain from announcing meetings on social media or other public media channels. Instead, send messages to the appropriate participates using email or another secure messaging system. This will help prevent any unwanted members from joining your private meeting. 
  2. Use a “waiting room” or “lobby”. This setting prevents anonymous users from being allowed into a meeting until receiving approval from an internal meeting member. Additionally, don’t allow the meeting to begin until the host joins to ensure that any unwanted participants are able to be ejected. 
  3. Lock meetings once they are in progress. This can help prevent unauthorized users from joining meetings. To do this [on Zoom], click Manage Participants using the controls on the right of a meeting window, select More > Lock Meeting. This setting also allows an organizer to mute participants, remove participants, and prevent select participants from appearing by video. 
  4. Carefully inspect the list of participants whenever possible to ensure that no unwanted members are a part of your meeting. 
  5. Disable features you don’t need. If your meeting does not require a chat, file sharing, or screen sharing, consider disabling these features to help prevent any unwanted files or malicious links from being shared. 

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Prepared by Marc Farron 

Marc Farron - FSBDC at FGCU Small Business Consultant

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