JeSuis Success Story

After retiring from a successful teaching career of 47 years Victoria Peterson wanted to find something interesting and creative to fill her time. Several years before she had been given some sketches that her aunt had drawn for her portfolio for Parsons School of Design. She decided to use these sketches to design greeting and stationary cards.  She realized that she really needed some assistance with marketing, She checked on the internet to find out who would be a good resource and found the Small Business Development Center 

She came to the SBDC and really didn’t know what to expect so we started out with marketing and that’s where LaShaun Collier came in and pointed her into the direction of Theresa Ayres who is social with social media. She helped her understand a little bit more about the importance of becoming involved in social media. 

After interviewing several printing companies, she found the one that delivered the best quality and price. She had never run a business before and knew that she needed some guidance.  She approached the SBDC and was put in contact with LaShaun Collier.  She was very positive and supportive of my ideas.  Victoria was able to get two very small accounts with gift shops. She developed a website with a web company and thought she would move forward with the cards. 

During one of her early meetings, LaShaun had suggested that she consider creating a “journal”  based on the character traits of the women in the sketches.  

However, Victoria continued working toward selling the greeting cards and thinking of other products that would include the sketches. She pursued the idea of aprons, hand towels, t-shirts, and had prototypes made.  Each time she visited LaShaun she asked about the journal. She couldn’t quite get what she was talking about.  

Victoria was also working with Theresa Ayers on social media and she was also steering her in that directions. Finally she awoke one morning with an AHA moment. She realized what she thought they had been talking about.  

At that point LaShaun was given a new position and Andrea Robinson became her advisor.  Andrea helped her lay out the plan for what is now The Pathfinder.  

During the next 18 months, she worked on creating the supporting text and the challenges, explorations, and activities that are included in The Pathfinder. After completing the rough draft, she sought out someone to make sure The Pathfinder had the intended voice. Victoria worked for about three months reviewing, revising and editing until I felt it was ready for publication. During that time, she explored various self- publishing including Flower of Life Press. 

She met with Andrea and Theresa periodically. They offered constructive advice and most of all they listened and were supportive.  The Pathfinder was published in May. She had a very successful Book Launch at Shangri-La Springs in Bonita Springs on June 8, with about 90 people in attendance. Since then she has been working with Theresa to develop workshops around The Pathfinder and have continued finding appropriate outlets for The Pathfinder.  It is also available on Amazon.

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