Marketing Essentials Mastermind

Marketing team working on marketing strategies at the Marketing Essentials Mastermind Program & Initiative by Florida SBDC at FGCU Small Business Consulting

If there’s one cardinal sin in marketing, it’s being ignored. The lifeblood of your company depends on marketing; but, your marketing strategy and campaigns are only as strong as their foundation. Optimize your marketing essentials to breath new life into your campaigns with the SBDC’s newest offering, the Marketing Essentials Mastermind (MEM).

MEM is a unique combination of classroom learning, one-to-one guidance from a consultant and business networking with one goal: making your marketing sticky, memorable & unmissable to your ideal customer.

Get solid on the critical few marketing fundamentals to:

  • Build stronger, higher converting marketing strategies
  • Craft key messaging that will result in measurable revenue growth
  • Construct the integrated building blocks of marketing to supercharge your overall marketing strategy
  • Get action plans, templates, frameworks and pro-tips to help attract, capture and convert more of your ideal clients
  • Improve the effectiveness and value of your marketing investments

The Marketing Essential Mastermind builds the formative building blocks a strong marketing core with step-by-step simplicity in 7 deep-dive sessions.

Apply using this application:


YOUR BUSINESS VS. YOUR BRAND: Making the critical difference between what you do to make a living vs. what you and your work mean to the people who buy from you. (Hint: we’ll be talking about buyer psychology).

PITCH PERFECT PHRASE: Develop a rock solid one-liner. It’s one part elevator pitch and one part unique value proposition. Learn to speak about your product/service in a simple, relevant, and repeatable way. It will make your ideal people curious to buy your product/service

WEBSITE WIREFRAMES: Learn the form, function & phraselology of a high converting website.

LEAD GENERATORS AND LANDING PAGES: Creations that captures email addresses and increases the percentage of your qualified leads.
An email sequence that onramps customers/people response: A sales email that makes phones ring, shopping baskets full and closes sales.

EMAIL SEQUENCES: An email sequence that onramps customers/people response and a sales email that makes phones ring, shopping baskets full and closes sales

10 SQUARED CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY: a content marketing strategy that also happens to be a ‘white hat’ SEO hack and Content Territories for Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA VS. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: Either, or–both, and? Discover which strategy is the best of these two powerhouses to boost your marketing ROI.

This course goes way beyond identity pieces and gets to the core of what needs to be done first, before you launch your next marketing campaign.

Real Action Plans, Real Momentum:
Every session comes with classroom instruction, a framework, hands-on practice and an action step so that you can gain and sustain momentum.

1-on-1 business consulting: 1-3 hours per month
Interactive classroom learning – 3 hours, once per month.
Business tools – we teach them and coach you on how to use them.
Exchange of ideas – share your experiences with other small business owners.

Accountability & Encouragement – we help you keep accountable to what you say is important with moral support if you get stuck–you might end up with a business bestie for life 🙂


If you send emails, run ads, write website content, post on social media, or run any sort of marketing campaigns to grow your business…this is for you.

The Marketing Essentials Mastermind is specially designed for business owners, new to mid-level marketing representatives and managers. As well as sales managers, sales representatives and other company employees who impact or interact with the marketing function. This course assumes no previous background in marketing.

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