Neubek Photographers Success Story

Neubek Photography specializes in people and legacy creation by helping people create their legacies through photography whether that’s a wedding, family portraits, or a business shots.

Neubek Photography was founded by Melissa Neubek. Her company is based here in Naples and also in the Boston area for part of the year.

When she first started working with SBDC at FGCU, she was struggling to have a clear direction for her business and also needed help developing an operations plan.

After 8 months of working with Strategic Growth Specialist, Cotrenia Hood from SBDC at FGCU, they were able to work on scaling her business and bring growth.

Cortenia Hood was able to help develop a business plan, create a clear direction for a life long photography model, and also develop clear job descriptions to hire new employees.

Through working with the SBDC she was able to gain confidence in her business decisions.

“I would say to an entrepreneur or a business owner who’s looking to work with the SBDC that there’s nothing to lose. Why not use a free resource at your hands and knowledge from people who actually care and are passionate about what you’re doing to help you move forward” stated Melissa Neubek.

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