New Body Contour Center Success Story

Bielka has been a longtime SBDC client from her other business with her sister Erika Pena (Erika Pena Designs). She knew about the SBDC services and wanted to open her own business so she came back to seek consulting services with Suzanne Specht. 

In November 2018, She met with Suzanne in regards to starting a body contouring spa. Bielka had researched a specific machine from France and wanted to open a spa in Ft. Myers. “ I am the first to bring LPG and dermatology to the Lee County area which is very exciting. LPG entomology is an innovative treatment that needs the body breaks down fat helps reduce cellulite which we all need and also is gets rid of excessive fluid” said Bielka 

Suzanne consulted her in putting together a business plan, loan package, financial projections and startup consulting.

Bielka was approved for a $50,000 SBA Express loan with United Midwest. She found a space but unfortunately that space had issues and Suzanne assisted her in finding a new space. 

“ Suzanne speck and once I came in she helped me understand the process she explained it to me I asked me a lot of questions about my business what I wanted to do and she helped me through the whole process it was awesome because it can be very frustrating if you don’t understand something and quite honestly scary my experience working with SBDC has been very positive first of all they’re very supportive and they’re very patient they explain everything as many times as possible so the Small Business Development Center was a godsend because you don’t feel alone you are every step of the way there with them with the Small Business Development Center” said Bielka 

Additionally, other SBDC services including marketing/networking and social media. Bielka met with Theresa Ayers, SBDC consultant in regards to FaceBook presence and overall digital marketing. Bielka opened her business in May 2019

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