Looking for an opportunity to grow your sales? Government contracting may be an avenue to consider, as it can provide long-term growth for a wide variety of businesses. Every level of government buys goods and services, spending billions of dollars, annually, even during times of economic uncertainty and reduced spending.

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The Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) was authorized by Congress in 1985 in an effort to expand the number of businesses capable of participating in the Government Marketplace. Administered by the Department of Defense / Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the program provides matching funds through cooperative agreements with state and local governments and non-profit organizations for the establishment of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) to provide procurement assistance.

Florida SBDC Network Government Contracting Specialists provide high-value, confidential consulting at no cost and affordable training to help Florida businesses—small or large, profit or non-profit—research and bid on government contracts from the Department of Defense, other federal agencies, state and local agencies and prime contractors. Government Contracting Specialists can assist with:


  • Assist with certifications such as 8(a), Women-owned Small Business, Hubzone and state and local certifications
  • Assist with the Veteran-Owned Small Business verification program and other veteran initiatives

Bid/Proposal Preparation

  • Analyze solicitations/bids
  • Review GSA Schedule solicitations
  • Identify cost elements

Computerized Bid Matching Services

  • Develop customized profile
  • Provide daily searches and email alerts for matching federal, state and local government solicitations

Obtaining Registrations

  • Assist with database registration to participate in the government marketplace


  • Research government procurement histories
  • Identify bid and subcontracting opportunities
  • Provide information on government buying activities


  • Sponsor networking events to connect business owners with agency buying officers and prime contractors

Contract Administration and Performance

  • Assist with contract needs such as auditing requirements, cost accounting systems and contract modifications

Government Contracting Oveview

An Overview of Federal Government Contracting

The federal government contracting system is a process composed of three phases. The phases are Pre-Award, Award and Post-Award. Each phase of the process requires the business to complete specific steps for a selected service, supply, construction, architect and engineering or research and development requirement being offered to the government.

Target the dollar requirements in the Federal Government at the:

1) Micro Purchase Level $1- $3,500 Not Advertised
2) Simplified Acquisitions $3,500- $25,000 Not Advertised
3) Simplified Acquisitions $25,000- $ 6.5 Million Advertised
4) Contract Level $25,000- $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$ Advertised


  1. The government acquires supplies and services at the micro purchase level using IMPACT credit cards, one source, large or small vendor, no competition required.
  2. The government acquires supplies and services between $3,000 and $25,000 using simplified acquisition procedures, competitive, 3 vendors solicited by phone, mail, fax or email.
  3. The government acquires supplies and services over $25,000 and up to $5.5 million using simplified acquisition procedures. The requirements must be published at http://www.fbo.gov
  4. The government requirements for supplies and services over $25,000 (contract level) must be published at www.fbo.gov


Contact your Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) specialist at www.fptac.org for assistance on contracting with Federal, State, and Local governments. 

Contracting Offices – Federal, State, County, and City


Find a Procurement Technical Assistance Center Near You – National Website Link http://www.aptac-us.org/

PTAC Federal Contracting Offices in Florida (PDF)

Florida State Contracting Offices

Other Local Government Contracting Offices

UPDATE: My Florida Market Place (MFMP)

The state of FL at www.myfloridamarketplace.com has updated their web site to include:

  • My Florida Market Place (MFMP) e quotes for informal state agency requirements under $35,000.00
  • MFMP Sourcing, formal state agency requirements over $35,000
  • United Nations Standard Product and Services Code (UNSPSC)

The state of FL effective July 2014 will be using UNSPSC to identify FL agency requirements for products and services.

The commodity code catalog (excel) link is identified below:


The commodity code catalog has 9013 codes to reflect the state of FL agency requirements for products and services.

State of FL purchase Cards, $1,000 and $5,000 ceilings for purchase of products and services.

Note: The vendor must be registered at https://vendor.myfloridamarketplace.com/ to receive electronic solicitations over $35,000 and e quotes under $35,000. View state of FL opportunities over $35,000 at www.dms.myflorida.com


Other Government Contracting Information

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