Ways to Appreciate Your Employees

In the world of entrepreneurship it can be easy to forget those that truly matter in your business – your employees. Many small business employees wear multiple hats and often times work extra hours completing tasks they’re not always taught to do.

Stopping to appreciate your employees has several benefits including improved engagement, lower turnover rate and better workplace chemistry just to name a few. You’re probably reading this and thinking ‘I can’t give all my employees a raise’ or ‘I’d love to give my top performers bonuses, but it’s not in the budget’

Here are a few ways you can show appreciation to your employees that can help your business without breaking the bank.

  1. Food. Everyone loves food. Take your employees out to lunch or order pizza for your staff when goals or new milestones are achieved. A way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through their stomach.
  2. Celebrating birthdays and/or work anniversaries.  Celebrating an employee’s birthday or work anniversary with cake and ice cream is a simple way you can show your staff how valued they are to the team. Also, if possible, giving them a paid half day off will not garner any negativity from your staff.
  3. Praise your employees for their work. Recognition for effort and good work goes a long way. The next time you see an employee making a big contribution, don’t say “great job”. Instead, say “Great job on that report. This really helps me build a strategy to help the company further grow”.
  4. Say “Please” and “Thank You”. Politeness is encouraged in all aspects of life. Saying “please” and “thank you” sets the tone for a respectful, courteous relationship between employers and employees.


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