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It’s every company’s dream to have everything work seamlessly behind the scenes – wishfully, of course, without having to do the work. For MashGrape Technologies, hard work is not something that’s shied away from but embraced. They make sure your technology is working smoothly so that you can focus on the growth and success of your business.


Chris and Brandi Couse had grown their company, MashGrape Technologies, enough that they were ready to hire an employee, but neither had much of an idea of where to start. Chris had previous experience in technology, but when it came to areas like marketing – and how to hire someone – they needed assistance. This is where the illustrious SBDC team came in.


“I had heard of the SBDC from other business owners,” Chris shares. “I initially made an appointment to learn about hiring employees. While there, other areas were quickly identified where we could use additional help, and we were able to meet with several other specialists to manage those areas.”


Chris and Brandi started meeting with Andrea Robinson and the SBDC team monthly to discuss market research, consulting, and growth acceleration services. No matter what questions or concerns the Couse’s had for MashGrape Technologies, the team at the SBDC was able to provide valuable guidance, resources, and referrals throughout the process.


While responsibilities may have seemed intimidating before, both Chris and Brandi agreed that the SBDC was very patient and willing to help them with anything they needed to ensure MashGrape Technologies was flourishing.


“We have seen a significant growth in our response to marketing since we started working with the SBDC,” Brandi says. Before, engagement was low across their marketing platforms, which meant MashGrape Technologies wasn’t getting the exposure it needed. “While most of our business still comes from “word of mouth” we know that when someone hears about us, they research our business. That marketing presence has increased the “trust curve” folks have when they explore the possibility of doing business with us.”


The help the Couse’s received from the SBDC has helped them move forward with their business, even during the pandemic. MashGrape Technologies received a NUSO Partner of the Year award in 2020, added more customers to their growing client base, and hired more employees to help with the increasing workload.


When asked if they would recommend working with the SBDC, Chris and Brandi said that, as small business owners, there are many hats to wear, some of which don’t fit. Brandi says, “Working with the SBDC is like having additional heads to wear those hats, as well as having a hat “fitter” to help us become more equipped to wear them ourselves.”


Chris agrees in the effectiveness of the SBDC’s help. “Do it sooner rather than later. There are so many resources, and you are never up against the hard sell. The SBDC doesn’t push you to do anything you’re not comfortable doing but rather give advice on the types of services and actions that would be the most helpful for your business.”


Chris and Brandi now feel like MashGrape Technologies is a champion in its industry, and the SBDC is never short on celebrations when accomplishments are reached.


“We walk away from each meeting feeling as if our future is so bright, we’ve got to wear shades,” Brandi says. And honestly, who can disagree with that kind of positivity?

For more information about MashGrape Technologies, please visit https://www.mashgrape.com/.

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