PrimeBid Construction Success Story

Steven Mitchell’s family has been in the construction company since they came to the United State five generations ago.  Steve stayed in the ‘family business’ building homes in Michigan, California and Florida. When his teenage son, Noam, showed interest in continuing the family tradition, he encouraged him to get his General Contractor’s license.  In 2014, Noam became the youngest person to get this license.  With Noam’s GC license and Steve’s years of experience in construction, they sought out the SBDC and began to work with Marc Farron.

After helping they established their company, PrimeBid, Marc Farron worked with them to secure their initial investors and bank loans for their first project – two spec homes in Cape Coral.  This initial project broke ground in 2015.  From that success, PrimeBid attracted other investors and started building spec home in Carlos Park, Fort Myers.  They completed 19 homes in 2018 and expect to replicate this number in 2019.

“During this build, Marc Farron with the SBDC helped with the business development and giving advice whenever we needed. He acted not only as a mentor but a friend throughout the process. I learned aspects of marketing, building relationships, financial accounting, and the essences of the day-to-day of starting a new business,” said Noam.

PrimeBid is currently exploring purchasing a tract of land for development.

PrimeBid continues to work with the FSBDC on strategic planning; bookkeeping/financials; business process management; and loan development.

They are eagerly looking forward to continuing establishing themselves as one of the main players in the new-home building market here in SWFL.

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