New Group Coaching Sessions with Joshua Sky, MA SPHR – Owner of The Sky’s The Limit Consulting

I had the privilege of sitting in on one of the group sessions facilitated and donated by Joshua Sky, MA, SPHR and owner of TSTLC.  Joshua provides coaching and mentors entrepreneurs by helping them discover new insights to improve their business operations and essentially, grow their businesses.

Today’s topic included the management of time, or lack thereof and how to be more effective in prioritizing and making the best use of valuable time entrepreneurs need to be successful.  Participants made recommendations and were working on their goal sheet during the time of the interview.  Joshua summed it up best by making the point, that by wisely managing your time as a business owner you can have your business working for you rather than working for the business, “Work smarter, not harder,” says Joshua.

Jason Becker, PGA, President of Golf Membership Consultants said he liked the support of the group and “clear direction, you are not on you own”.  Jose Avila, Insurance Specialist with Fiesta Auto Insurance was enthusiastic in saying how important it has been in “having goals, deadlines, and being held accountable” for recommendations made by the group. Adele Amico, owner of Visit summed it up by saying “the group takes out the anxiety and fears, and gives you the confidence to know you are not alone” as a business owner.

Again, The Florida SBDC @FGCU extends our  special thanks to Joshua for volunteering his expertise and time to help entrepreneurs in our community.  You can read more and contact Joshua Sky through his website,

About The Sky’s The Limit Consulting

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2015 Advisory Board Meeting

Florida SBDC Advisory Board Meeting at FGCU - JAN 2015As you can see, we were hard at work today with our valued advisory board discussing plans for 2015, including hallmark events as well as new programs.  We are always thankful for the continued dedication of sharing their expertise and time to the Florida SBDC at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Business Insights: Starting an Import/Export Business

Looking to expand your business horizons?  International Trade via adding import or export to your business may be the key.  Here are some basic steps to get started:

  • Get the appropriate export/import license for the product
  • Identify the method of logistics for import/export
  • Identify the distribution for import/export
  • Identify the legal regulations and country requirements
  • Identify financing to secure the process

For more information on how to get started in the import/export business, contact our international trade expert, Kevin Brady via email

To watch a short video on international trade and find access to online tools, visit